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Feel stuck, lost or lack motivation?

Lyn ThurmanDon’t you ever get fed up with feeling as if there should be more to life than what you’re experiencing?

Perhaps you’re stuck in a rut and can’t see a way to bring back the excitement into your life or maybe you’re so busy looking after everyone else that your own needs have become lost in the sea of your responsibilities.

It’s so easy to lose the magickal sparkle for life and allow your dreams to become forgotten, especially when you’re caught up in the busy, modern world that expects you to do more, and do it faster.  What are your dreams? Can you even remember what they are?

Perhaps at one time you had a burning ambition or a vision of how you wanted your life to look.

It’s so very easy to let life situations interfere with your soul-path or life purpose, and before you know it, your day is just filled with dirty dishes, demanding bosses, or packing lunches.  You begin to accept mundane, mediocre and even sub-standard as the norm.

It’s no wonder people suffer from a lack of motivation or simply just don’t know where to start making positive changes.

Don’t you want more than that?

The good news is that it’s never too late (or too early) to turn around your life so it’s magickal and amazing.

Life is just too short to put up with the mundane and ordinary.

The Soul Path Tribe is your route to finding your purpose again and to make changes each month so your dreams materialise and simply not fade into the ether.

With support and a monthly journal to keep you focused, you can, step-by-step, connect to your inner goddess and make positive improvements in all areas of your life.

It’s time to invest in your future, unleash your divine feminine power and walk your soul path.


If I can, you can

I don’t have any superpowers (it would be so cool if I did) but I’ve made changes in my life, step-by-step.

It doesn’t seem that long ago when I was a divorced, single mum, deeply depressed and working a job that I truly disliked with people that were anything but kind.   I felt lost, stressed to the max, and demotivated.  I definitely wasn’t in a good place.

I’m now very happy.  I work for myself (no more horrible bosses) from our home near the sea so I can mix work and raising children.  I’ve been happily married to a man who supports me and shares in my dreams for nine years.  Of course, life throws in its ups and downs but I’m happy and committed to only improving my life further.

I want the same for you too.

How the Soul Path Tribe supports you

The Soul Path Tribe is an exclusive members website to help you live the life you deserve, embrace your inner goddess, walk on your soul path (the life you *know* you should be living), and make magick happen.

Since the Soul Path Tribe is an exclusive website, you know that only other people who also take their self-development seriously are part of the tribe.

The Soul Path Tribe revolves around a monthly workbook, which is Goddess inspired but there’s lots of lovely goodies thrown in too including weekly distant Goddess Reiki and monthly meditations to download.

Membership to the Soul Path Tribe is a high quality, low-cost investment of only $14.97 per month.

Just click on the button below to pay safely and easily through PayPal.

Soul Path Step Pages

Soul Path Tribe membership includes:


  • Calendar: A downloadable calendar to keep track of important dates.  It already includes the new and full moon dates for those of us how like to know the moon phases but there’s plenty of room for you to add your own important dates.
  • Monthly Journal: A monthly goddess-inspired journal/workbook to keep you focused and motivated to make your life more magical.  The monthly journal includes:
  • A legend of the goddess of the month to help you understand about the divine feminine energy.
  •  Goddess guidance on how to use the energy to make dreams and magic happen.
  •  Monthly manifesto: your promise to yourself for the month.
  •  Soul path steps: Twelve mini goals you set yourself each month to move forward along your soul path and help you reach your goals.  Small steps add up to great achievements.
  •  Karma balance sheets to help you keep track of all your good deeds and random acts of kindness, as well as all the lovely things the Universe gives you back.
  •  A full moon play date to give you an idea on how to unleash your creativity and add a little magic to your life.
  • Sunday Soother: Weekly distant Reiki energy sent to the Soul Path Tribe and available to members who would like to receive it anywhere in the world.
  • Guided Meditation: A monthly guided meditation written and recorded by myself for you to download and enjoy at your leisure.
  • Videos: From time to time, there will also be members only video content.
  • Worksheets: Extra Soul Path worksheets.
  • Newsletter Archive:  The Soul Path Tribe membership site is the ONLY place where you can access past issues of my Wise Woman Whispers newsletter.
  • Member’s Offers: Exclusive discount codes offers only available to Soul Path Tribe members.
  • Facebook Group: An exclusive Facebook group for support and friendship.
  • Website Forums: Learn and contribute to our members only website forums.
  • Library Articles:  We’re building a library of pagan orientated articles and resources.
  • Courses & Events:  Free courses and events for members.

Praise for the Soul Path Tribe

“I’ve been following Lyn Thurman’s blogs for years, and just when I needed an inspirational village, I found the Soul Path Tribe. Everyone in the group is supportive and Lyn is our nurturing wise woman. After joining this group, I’ve been able to (re)focus my goals into bite-sized pieces, create a life that best serves my highest good, shift my thinking/feeling to a higher vibration, and feel fully accepted for who I am. It’s a blessing to belong to this community. Thank you, Lyn, for having the courage to follow your dreams by providing a place that helps me follow mine”. ~ Michelle


“The Soul Path Tribe? When I first heard those worlds, I did get chills… it was a calling. And, to my surprise, affordable. AND A TRIBE ~ A group. … I honestly can say I read about Lyn for a while and saw her insights and also her picture – she seemed to really care and I felt at home immediately. And now that I am here, and contributing, I personally feel I am part of something so wonderful, so magical and so authentically real”.  ~ Renee


“The Soul Path Tribe has changed my life for the good. I love it here and have noticed such transformation in my life since working with the workbook and Lyn. Would and have recommended it to my friends!” ~ Suzanne


” I just joined the Soul Path Tribe just after Christmas 2012 and am finding it wonderful and helpful. Everyone I have met so far on the journey are so friendly and the workbooks for each month are a very helpful boost to my life. Just what I needed to give me the push to get my life in order. Thanks to Lyn for her constant hard work.”  ~ Hazel

” The Soul Path Tribe is a wonderful, talented, wise group of people who encourage, and teach what they practise. The monthly workbook is fabulous, it makes you look at where you can make changes that are the best for you”. ~ Sue


Why should I join the Soul Path Tribe?

Because life is too short to wander aimlessly and never achieve your full potential.

The Soul Path Tribe is a safe community for you to share your goals/challenges and gain support along the way.  Each month, there is a new workbook and new goddess energy to adopt – you set your goals and we support you.

I don’t have time. How can I fit the Soul Path Tribe into my busy schedule?

One of the biggest challenges that modern women face is not making time for self-growth, spirituality, or personal development.  The Soul Path Tribe is an investment into your own self but it is not a rigid programme.

You set your own monthly goals and you can take part in as little or as much community aspects that you want.  However, you always have your tribe behind you, supporting each step you take, so you may actually find that by committing to the Soul Path Tribe, it gives you the motivation to make more ‘me time’.

How are you different from free communities?

Although there are some fabulous free resources on the internet, communities can be full of trolls and people who are simply not ready to make positive life changes.

By investing into the Soul Path Tribe you are guaranteed to be part of a community that is serious about self-empowerment and truly want to belong to a sacred, online community.

I noticed you’re in the UK. Do I have to be in the UK to join?

No, not at all. We are a global community.

Soul Path Tribe - Global Community

When do I get access to the Soul Path Tribe?

Once you’ve bought your membership through PayPal, you’ll be redirected back to the Soul Path Tribe website where you set up your membership login.  Once logged in, you can download the latest workbook and anything else available to members straight away.

Are there any age restrictions?

No, we currently have members ranging from 20s to 60s.

Can I share my membership with a friend or partner?

No.  A membership is for an individual only.  If you’d like to gift membership to a family member or friend, this can be arranged.

Can I join at any time?

Absolutely.  If you feel passionate about making life changes then sign up now.

You don’t have to wait until the beginning of the month to get the benefits – the current workbook is always available to download so you can begin walking your soul path right now.

How much do all of these amazing resources cost?

You will receive all of the above for the investment of $14.97 per month or you can take advantage of the super-low yearly investment of $117 (which is less than $10 per month).

The prices are in US dollars which means it’s even more affordable to UK residents (approximately than £9.50 per month or under £77 a year).

How long will my membership last?

That depends on you. You can choose to pay monthly for membership which means your membership to the Soul Path Tribe runs from 30 days from your subscription payment.

If you pay for your membership on an annual basis, then your membership will run for a year from your subscription payment date.

Is the Soul Path Tribe for women only?

No. The Soul Path Tribe is open to everyone.  However, it is a women dominated group with a few valued soul-path-brothers.

You mentioned a goddess. Do I have to change my religion or beliefs to be a member?

Not at all.  Anyone from any faith is welcome.  This isn’t a religious group but we do veer towards the spiritual and we work with Divine Feminine energies to help guide us through the months.

Do I need a PayPal account?

Yes.  Your subscription is managed via PayPal.

However, if you want to join and aren’t able to open a PayPal account, please contact me and I’m sure we can work something out.

Can I cancel at any time?

Absolutely.  You control your subscription through your PayPal account.  I have no access to your credit card details.

Do you give refunds?

Please note that there are NO refunds for Soul Path Tribe memberships.  I totally believe in the incredible value and transformational power of the Soul Path Tribe. It is an amazing self-investment that can change your life.  When you invest in yourself with Soul Path Tribe membership, your purchase is final.

Don’t wait for life to catch up with you!

Sign up now to begin walking your soul-path today.  Life’s too short to wait for opportunities – make them happen!

Low cost monthly investment of $14.97!

I can’t wait to welcome you to the tribe!


P.S. Your subscription is managed through your PayPal account and you can cancel at any time.  You’re in control!