Set your SOUL on a magical PATH

pagan-friendly community & monthly goal-making kits for women who want life with more magic and less mundania

I’m so happy you’ve found the Soul Path Tribe.  It’s a place created with goddess-inspiration for women like you who want a safe community to share dreams, find support, be accepted for their spiritual beliefsand fearlessly move forward in life.

The Soul Path Tribe began life when I was walking up the Welsh waterfalls in summer 2012. My spirit was telling me that I wasn't alone in wanting more from life, to stop feeling stuck in a rut, and to be part of a community.

I listened to my inner goddess and created the Soul Path Tribe - a place for you and I to walk through life together, where self-help meets spirituality and where the mundane becomes magical.

Lyn Thurman - Soul Path Tribe

“The Soul Path Tribe? When I first heard those worlds, I did get chills… it was a calling. And, to my surprise, affordable. AND A TRIBE ~ A group. …

I honestly can say I read about Lyn for a while and saw her insights and also her picture – she seemed to really care and I felt at home immediately.

And now that I am here, and contributing, I personally feel I am part of something so wonderful, so magical and so authentically real”.

Texax, USA

What is the Soul Path Tribe?


Initially, the Soul Path Tribe was a community based around a monthly workbook where we individually set intentions for the month and support each other to meet those goals.  But it's now so much more.

Each month there's a goddess inspired workbook for you to download - moving forward in life (and not feeling stuck) is still very much at the core of the Soul Path Tribe - but it's evolved.

  • A legend for the goddess of the month to help you understand about the divine feminine energy.
  • Goddess guidance on how to use the energy to make dreams and magic happen.
  • Monthly manifesto: your promise to yourself for the month.
  • Soul path steps: Ten mini intentions you set yourself each month to move forward along your soul path and help you reach your goals.  Small steps add up to great achievements.
  • Karma balance sheets to help you keep track of all your good deeds and random acts of kindness, as well as all the lovely things the Universe gives you back.
  • full moon play date to give you an idea on how to unleash your creativity and add a little magic to your life.
  • Craft works: A creative project for the month (we usually share our photos and experiences at the Soul Path Tribe Facebook group).

With support and a monthly journal to keep you focused, you can, step-by-step, connect to your inner goddess and make positive improvements in all areas of your life.

With Soul Path Tribe membership you also have access to:

  • Weekly distant Reiki sessions to soothe your spirit, relax your body and balance your mind.
  • A small, friendly SECRET Facebook group only for Soul Path Tribe members (it's where we hang out).

By joining the Soul Path Tribe you immediately have full access to this website and can join us in at our busy, supportive Facebook group (we have members in North America, Europe & Australia so there's always someone about).

“The Soul Path Tribe has changed my life for the good. I love it here and have noticed such transformation in my life since working with the workbook and Lyn. Would and have recommended it to my friends!”

The Netherlands

“I just joined the Soul Path Tribe just after Christmas 2012 and am finding it wonderful and helpful.

Everyone I have met so far on the journey are so friendly and the workbooks for each month are a very helpful boost to my life. Just what I needed to give me the push to get my life in order. Thanks to Lyn for her constant hard work.”


The Soul Path Tribe is a wonderful, talented, wise group of people who encourage, and teach what they practise. The monthly workbook is fabulous, it makes you look at where you can make changes that are the best for you”


Benefits of Soul Path Tribe membership

  • Each month, I write and record a guided visualisation MP3 for Soul Path Tribe members. Usually it's based on the goddess of the month and it's free for any member to download and enjoy. When you sign up to be part of the Soul Path Tribe, you also have access to the archive of all previous guided visualisation MP3s.
  • Co-founder Paul and resident qualified hypnotherapist records a Hypno-Healing MP3 for members, which is available to download towards the end of each month.
  • Soul Path Tribe members will receive a free copy of the Soul Path Magazine each month.

Exclusive bonus gifts for Soul Path Tribe members

Soul Path Tribe Bonus GiftsI like to give gifts.

You can download your copy of my ebook Goddess Guide to Spring Cleaning right now.

I also have an exclusive workbook edition of my popular Inner Goddess Revolution Guide.   This workbook is only available to Soul Path Tribe members and you can download it straight away once you join the Soul Path Tribe.

I give other gifts from time to time.  These have included my FULL Inner Goddess Revolution Handbook, a Tarot teleclass, and various other live events.

Sacred community

The Soul Path Tribe has a busy, friendly and supportive SECRET Facebook group.  With so many people connected with social media, it's the perfect place to connect with other soul-sisters (and a few enlightened men).  Get involved as little or as much as you like (but it would be awesome to connect with you).

Here are some of the things we've done as a sacred community:

  • Made spirit dolls.
  • Set up altars each month, dedicated to the Goddess featured in the Soul Path Steps monthly workbook.
  • Made sparkly candle jars.
  • Frequent Love letter exchanges.
  • New moon and full moon rituals.
  • Created a  sister virtual coven.
  • Spring equinox group ritual.
  • Book study groups, including Soul Coaching by Denise Linn and Resurrecting Venus by Cynthia Occelli.

Join the Soul Path Tribe today

Invest in your own Soul Path membership journey for only $147 per year (that's less than $12.50 a month)

Frequently asked questions

Why should I join the Soul Path Tribe?

Because life is too short to wander aimlessly and never achieve your full potential.

The Soul Path Tribe is a safe, sacred community for you to share your goals/challenges and gain support along the way.  It's a friendly place for women who walk their own spiritual path.  Each month, there's a new workbook and new goddess energy to adopt - you set your goals and we support you.

I don’t have time. How can I fit the Soul Path Tribe into my busy schedule?

One of the biggest challenges that modern women face is not making time for self-growth, spirituality, or personal development.  The Soul Path Tribe is an investment into your own self but it is not a rigid programme.

You set your own monthly goals and you can take part in as little or as much community aspects that you want.  However, you always have your tribe behind you, supporting each step you take, so you may actually find that by committing to the Soul Path Tribe, it gives you the motivation to make more ‘me time’.

How are you different from free communities?

Although there are some fabulous free resources on the internet, communities can be full of trolls and people who are simply not ready to make positive life changes.

By investing into the Soul Path Tribe you are guaranteed to be part of a community that is serious about self-empowerment and truly want to belong to a sacred, online community.

I noticed you’re in the UK. Do I have to be in the UK to join?

No, not at all. We are a global community.

When do I get access to the Soul Path Tribe?

Once you’ve bought your membership through PayPal, you’ll be redirected back to the Soul Path Tribe website where you set up your membership login.  Once logged in, you can download the latest workbook and anything else available to members straight away.

Are there any age restrictions?

No, we currently have members ranging from 20s to 60s (but we have mostly mid-life members).

Can I share my membership with a friend or partner?

No.  A membership is for an individual only.  If you’d like to gift membership to a family member or friend, this can be arranged.

Can I join at any time?

Absolutely.  If you feel passionate about making life changes then sign up now.

You don't have to wait until the beginning of the month to get the benefits - the current workbook is always available to download so you can begin walking your soul path right now.

How much do all of these amazing resources cost?

You will receive all of the above for the super-low yearly investment of $147 (which is less than $12.50 per month).

The prices are in US dollars which means it's even more affordable to UK residents (approximately £88 a year).

How long will my membership last?

Your membership is on an annual basis, and your membership will run for a year from your subscription payment date.

Is the Soul Path Tribe for women only?

No. The Soul Path Tribe is open to everyone.  However, it is a women dominated group with a few valued soul-path-brothers.

You mentioned a goddess. Do I have to change my religion or beliefs to be a member?

Not at all.  Anyone from any faith is welcome.  This isn't a religious group but we do veer towards the spiritual and we work with Divine Feminine energies to help guide us through the months.

Do I need a PayPal account?

Yes.  Your subscription is managed via PayPal.

However, if you want to join and aren't able to open a PayPal account, please contact me and I'm sure we can work something out.

Can I cancel at any time?

Absolutely.  You control your subscription through your PayPal account.  I have no access to your credit card details.

Do you give refunds?

Please note that there are NO refunds for Soul Path Tribe memberships.  I totally believe in the incredible value and transformational power of the Soul Path Tribe. It is an amazing self-investment that can change your life.  When you invest in yourself with Soul Path Tribe membership, your purchase is final.

Yes! I'm ready for the Soul Path Tribe!

Invest in your own Soul Path membership journey for only $147 per year (that's less than $12.50 a month)

I can't wait to welcome you to the tribe!


P.S. Your subscription is managed through your PayPal account and you can cancel at any time.  You're in control!

Don't want all the sparkly bonuses of the yearly membership? No Problem.

You can get our monthly Soul Path Kit for only $24 a month