Soul Path Tribe

I’m so happy you’ve found us
Lyn Thurman

Lyn Thurman – Founder of the Soul Path Tribe

We’re big on taking life to the next level.

I’m here to help you grow your spirit and give you tools to help you squeeze every ounce out of life.

The Soul Path Tribe is a monthly toolkit + archives + community.

The Soul Path Tribe is a place created with goddess-inspiration for women like you who want a safe community to share dreams, find support, be accepted for their spiritual beliefs and fearlessly move forward in life.

The Soul Path Tribe began life when I was walking up the Welsh waterfalls in summer 2012.

My spirit was telling me that I wasn’t alone in wanting more from life, to stop feeling stuck in a rut, and to be part of a community.

I listened to my inner goddess and created the Soul Path Tribe – a place for you and I to walk through life together, where self-help meets spirituality and where the mundane becomes magical.

My dream is to help you unleash your inner goddess and I want to support you in doing just that.

The membership site for Inner Goddess Revolutionaries 

So authentically real


The Soul Path Tribe? When I first heard those worlds, I did get chills… it was a calling. And, to my surprise, affordable. AND A TRIBE ~ A group. …

I honestly can say I read about Lyn for a while and saw her insights and also her picture – she seemed to really care and I felt at home immediately.

And now that I am here, and contributing, I personally feel I am part of something so wonderful, so magical and so authentically real

Renee Avard
Catch A Falling Star
The Soul Path Tribe is a monthly toolkit + archives + community.  

Soul Path Steps WorkbookInitially, the Soul Path Tribe was a community based around a monthly workbook where we individually set intentions for the month and supported each other to meet those goals.

Now, it’s  so much more.

The workbook is still a big part of the inner goddess unleashing movement but we also have:

  • Secret Facebook group for our community
  • Monthly events including Google Hangouts
  • Weekly distant Reiki sessions (The Sunday Soothers)

Plus each month you can expect:

  • A new Soul Path Steps workbook
  • A guided visualisation MP3 written & recorded by me for The Soul Path Tribe
  • Hypno-healing MP3 written & recorded by our resident hypnotherapist (& Tribe co-founder)
  • The latest issue of the Soul Path Magazine

And there’s all the previous MP3s and magazines in the archive too.

I love it here


The Soul Path Tribe has changed my life for the good. I love it here and have noticed such transformation in my life since working with the workbook and Lyn. Would and have recommended it to my friends!

Suzanne van Vliet-Struik
Your monthly Soul Path Toolkit 

workbookEach month, there’s a goddess inspired workbook for you to download and it’s packed with everything you need to keep track of your goals, explore your spiritual path, and event get a little crafty, if you wish.

We know you’re busy so while you use your workbook to focus on where you want to move forward with your life, we give you other things that make your life easier.

You can take a soul journey each month with a brand new guided visualisation written and recorded just for the Soul Path Tribe.  Download, press play, and let your spirit travel while you relax.

Want to add healing and happiness with hypno-healing sessions without having to leave your home or make an appointment with a hypnotherapist?  We have you covered. There’s a new hypnosis MP3 for you to download each month, recorded by our qualified hypnotherapist.


If you want to relax deeply before the week begins, we send distance Reiki each Sunday.

Soul Path MagazineAnd there’s the Soul Path Magazine written by passionate pagans and talented spiritual seekers.  The latest issue of the Soul Path Magazine is free for you to enjoy as soon as it hits the virtual news stands.

With support and a monthly journal to keep you focused, you can, step-by-step, connect to your inner goddess and make positive improvements in all areas of your life.

The monthly workbook is fabulous


The Soul Path Tribe is a wonderful, talented, wise group of people who encourage, and teach what they practise. The monthly workbook is fabulous, it makes you look at where you can make changes that are the best for you

Sue Woolley
Your Soul Path community 

Community and friendly support revolve around our secret Facebook group, exclusive for Soul Path Tribe members. As nearly everyone connects on Facebook, it means you can find us without having to login to another website.

You can also download everything you need for the current month directly from the Facebook group.

We have regular events at the Soul Path Tribe including:

  • Monthly Google Hangout to brainstorm goals and find accountability
  • Monthly EFT Tapping Google Hangout, exclusive for Tribe members
  • Monthly Facebook live chat times
  • Book club

You can check out what’s going on by peeking at the events calendar.

All of these events are free for Soul Path Tribe members.

Everyone in the group is supportive


I've been following Lyn Thurman's blogs for years, and just when I needed an inspirational village, I found the Soul Path Tribe. Everyone in the group is supportive and Lyn is our nurturing wise woman.

After joining this group, I've been able to (re)focus my goals into bite-sized pieces, create a life that best serves my highest good, shift my thinking/feeling to a higher vibration, and feel fully accepted for who I am. It's a blessing to belong to this community. Thank you, Lyn, for having the courage to follow your dreams by providing a place that helps me follow mine".

Michelle Denham

Access to the archives 

Every MP3 and magazine we’ve produced is available for download from the Soul Path Tribe website.

As at August 2014, that included 23 guided visualisations, 15 hypnosis MP3s & 12 issues of the Soul Path Magazine  - worth $775.

Just what I needed


I joined the Soul Path Tribe just after Christmas 2012 and am finding it wonderful and helpful.

Everyone I have met so far on the journey are so friendly and the workbooks for each month are a very helpful boost to my life. Just what I needed to give me the push to get my life in order. Thanks to Lyn for her constant hard work.”

Hazel Dido

Join us 

Membership to the Soul Path Tribe is only $147 per year.

By joining the Soul Path Tribe you immediately have full access to this website and you can join us at our friendly  secret Facebook group too (we have members in North America, Europe & Australia so there’s always someone about).

Payment is made through PayPal and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

I have found courage within me to change


Since I have been a part of the Soul Tribe family (it really feels like a family), I have found courage within me to change, to want change and to instigate change in my life."

Dawn Brierley

I can’t wait to welcome you into The Tribe.


P.S. Want a sneak peek in the archives?  Here’s what was available to download as at August 2014 (it grows month-by-month).

Soul Journeys Guided Visualisation MP3s

Changes with Changing Woman Lilith Shadow | Baba Yaga’s Brew | Arctic Swim with Sedna | Creation from Chaos (Tiamat) | On the Buffalo Plains (White Buffalo Calf Woman) | Peaceful Place | Killer Confidenct Boost (Sekhmet) | New Perspective (Freya) | Clarity (Ishtar) | Oshun’s River of Abundance | Ocean Deep Relaxation | Centre of Your Universe (Athena) | Goal Focus (Artemis) | Finding Your Power Animal | Astral Sanctuary | Rainbow Waterfall Chakra Cleanse (Ixchel) | Love Expansion (Isis) | Meeting Oya in the Cemetery | Stress Release | Hecate at the Crossroads | Meeting at the Ancestral Hall

Hypno-Healing MP3s

Procrastination Prevention | Authentically and Uniquely You | Tolerance | CFS (Cronic Fatigue Syndrome) | Owning Your Power | It’s A New Year | Protection from Negativity | Chakra Cleansing | Nature of Buddha | Clarity in Decision Making | Creativity | Self Confidence | Adunbance with Abudantia | Caer Washes Insomnia Away

Soul Path Magazine

All previous issues are waiting for you to download them.

Please note that due to the digital nature of our products and services refunds full or partial are not offered.